Iphone 6 personal hotspot как настроить

Iphone 6 personal hotspot как настроить

06/06/ · If you need help with Personal Hotspot, follow these steps. With a USB cable, connect your Mac to the iPhone or iPad that provides Personal Hotspot. 05/08/ · Learn how you can enable or disable Personal Hotspot on iPhone 6. iPhone 6: How to Enable / Disable Personal Hotspot ITJungles. Loading Автор: ITJungles. Using your phone as a Personal Hotspot. Apple iPhone 6 support. Using your phone as a Personal Hotspot. The steps below are based on using the latest software. What Is iPhone Tethering and Personal Hotspot? Use your iPhone to connect other devices to the internet.

Iphone 6 personal hotspot как настроить

If your Personal Hotspot is missing, try these steps, in this order, to fix it. These suggestions were written using an iPhone running iOS 12, but the basic ideas apply to earlier versions of the iOS, too. Some of the specific steps just might be different for older versions. Because of that, sometimes resetting your cellular data connection is enough to bring a missing Hotspot back.

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Tap Settings in the top left corner and see if Personal Hotspot has re-appeared. A restart often solves simple problems and gets you back on track.

Check out this article for more details on restarting those models and for other restart options. This suggestion can help you get it back through a different path.

Just follow these steps:. Go back to the main Settings screen and you may see Personal Hotspot listed right under Cellular.

Set up Personal Hotspot

If so, the problem is solved. This option will only affect a small number of users, but it could definitely be your culprit. Then tap Delete Profile and, in the confirmation pop-up, tap Delete.

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  • Resetting those settings and starting fresh should help. Just do this:.

    What Is iPhone Tethering and Personal Hotspot?

    In the pop-up warning, tap Reset Network Settings. This only resets settings. Your iPhone will restart. Every iPhone has a name. Look at the Name menu. If the name is different than what you were expecting, tap Name. On the Name screen, tap the X to delete the current name and type in the old one. Needing to update to the latest settings could be the cause of the missing Personal Hotspot.

    Personal Hotspot not working on your iPhone? Here's what to do

    To check for new carrier settings:. A missing Person Hotspot could be caused by a bug in the iOS, the operating system that runs on the iPhone. Luckily, iOS updates are free and easy to install. Get step-by-step instructions on installing them in:. This erases all of the data and settings on your iPhone and replaces them with an older version make sure to pick one that you know works. Your best at this point is to get help directly from Apple.

    Use these steps first

    Try going to your nearest Apple Store for expert help. Learn how to make an Apple Store appointment using this article. Share Pin Email. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Updated February 15, Tap Settings. Tap Cellular. Tap Personal Hotspot. Tap General.

    Connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB

    Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap Reset. Tap Reset Network Settings.

    Iphone 6 personal hotspot как настроить

    You may need to enter your passcode here. If prompted, do so and continue. Tap About. If updated settings are available, a prompt will appear on screen.

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